Battlestar Galactica - Forging Viper

Battlestar Galactica - Taking Off

Personal Helicopter W.I.P.

Breath life into still life.

3D Product & Scientific Animation

Product Visualization and Scientific Animation can be often boring. Can we push our client’s request to Hollywood standard? What does audience want? Accuracy or excitement? Can we give them both? Will that be expensive?

Design never stops at drawing.

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  • Lincoln’s New Guest!

    Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool Has A New Guest!...
  • Medical Illustration

    Collagen is a structural protein in connective tissue. It is composed of three protein strands that wind together in...
  • Product Visualization

    If it can be imagined, we can visualize it. Precision modeling, photorealistic lighting & texturing, cinematic a...
  • Vue Simulator

    Vue Simulator is an interactive Patient Education web application. It demonstrates complicated eye-related condition...
  • Battlestar Galactica Chapter 2

    Although the Battlestar Galactica Chapter 1 [link] was made in After Effects, my super old computer made it almost i...
  • Battlestar Galactica Chapter 1

    Battlestar Galactica has been my favorite Sci-Fi show from the moment I found it. I was so amazed by the examination...