Battlestar Galactica Viper

Chapter 1

Battlestar Galactica - Forging Viper

3D Modeling + Compositing

Battlestar Galactica - Viper's Dream

3D Animation + Compositing Breakdown

Lincoln’s New Guest!

Ultimate Force

Study of Lighting

Collagen 1CAG

Medical Illustration

Scientific Animations

All That Jazz

Product Visualization

Personal Helicopter W.I.P.

Product Visualization

Photography & Videography

Art of Seeing

Architecture Photography

Continuum of Space & Time

Portrait Photography

A Moment Can be Forever

Landscape Photography

Mother Nature's Greatest Artwork

Advanced Photo Retouching

If you can dream it, you can do it.

VueSimulator for iPad


Bring evolution to your products, every single time.

Aerial & Timelapse

You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography, All the pictures you’ve seen, All the books you’ve read, All the music you’ve heard, All the people you’ve loved.

Advanced Photo Retouching

Before & After will be coming soon! For more updates, please follow me on Instagram @onyxlee.

Portrait Photography

My latest portrait photographs. For more updates, please follow me on Instagram @onyxlee.

Architecture Photography

My latest architecture photographs. For more updates, please follow me on Instagram @onyxlee.

Landscape Photography

My latest landscape photographs. For more updates, please follow me on Instagram @onyxlee.

Lincoln’s New Guest!

Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool Has A New Guest!

Wedding Photography

The joy, the laughter, the romance, the love, the cherished moments are not to be staged, but captured. – Onyx Tell the story of your wedding with honesty and beauty, without interfering in the natural flow of the day.

Medical Illustration

Collagen is a structural protein in connective tissue. It is composed of three protein strands that wind together into a distinctive triple helix. This structure shows a small segment of a peptide with the ideal sequence for forming the triple helix. Go to VueSimulator page to see more medical animations.

Graphic Design, Website, UI/UX

Capability or Simplicity? It’s a question. Only the one who thinks deeper, further, outside of the box, can bring the balance to the design. The rest of it is just engineering audience’s attention according to the client’s need.

3D Stereoscopic

3D Stereoscopic can bring you the warmth of smile, the heat of the sunshine. It can even freeze time like you’ve never seen before. People who think it’s ridiculous just haven’t seen the right 3D. I was fascinated by Stereoscope since 6th grade. One day, before my parents came home, I popped up our color

Photography & Videography

The Art of Seeing. Seeing the image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly. As a 3D artist, I don’t see just one angle, I see the whole 360 degrees. As a photographer, I don’t see just one exposure, I see the whole

Motion Graphic

Motion graphic can be in very various styles, but these following videos happened to have similar styles.  Nice & clean background, short period of production. At the end of the day, what can be better than clients’ satisfaction!

Architecture Visualization

Participated in multiple projects to create renders with other team members, including: Longtanhu Office Building (above) China Unicom Liaoning Headquater Campus Competition (above) China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group Headquater Building Competition (below)

Multi Light Study

An animation from 1 frame. This personal project is to test a crazy idea about isolating light sources into separate passes, so the lights can be animated without re-rendering. The result showed that not only you can turn on and off each light, you can even change individual colors and powers. The direct & indirect light

Game Environment

As the co-founder of a game development company and the lead artist, I designed these concepts for some games 10 years ago. They probably look shabby now, compared with AAA games these days. But in 2002-2003, most of the games were still on CD-ROM, they looked like this: Nascar Racing 2003 Season, Sierra Entertainment PC-CDROM

Product Visualization

If it can be imagined, we can visualize it. Precision modeling, photorealistic lighting & texturing, cinematic animation.

Vue Simulator

Vue Simulator is an interactive Patient Education web application. It demonstrates complicated eye-related conditions & treatments in a scientific manner. In order to explain the procedures without disturbing patients, vast doctor-proven 3D animations were created to replace real surgery footages. I was the product designer & lead animator of this product.  [DEMO]

Battlestar Galactica Chapter 2

Although the Battlestar Galactica Chapter 1 [link] was made in After Effects, my super old computer made it almost impossible to render any animation. When the Art Institute of Washington [link] invited me to give a lecture for their 3D students, I made this clip to demonstrate how to transform a normal looking render into a dreamy

Battlestar Galactica Chapter 1

Battlestar Galactica has been my favorite Sci-Fi show from the moment I found it. I was so amazed by the examination of the nature of humanity in extreme conditions, and the lightest hope in the darkest time. On top of that, the movie-like special effect on TV show also opened my eyes. So I decided