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Battlestar Galactica Chapter 1

Battlestar Galactica has been my favorite Sci-Fi show from the moment I found it. I was so amazed by the examination of the nature of humanity in extreme conditions, and the lightest hope in the darkest time. On top of that, the movie-like special effect on TV show also opened my eyes. So I decided to devote myself to introducing it to the Chinese audience. I joined the translation team and soon became the core strength. It usually took a week after the episode was aired, but I knew people were hungry to watch it, so I worked on translating and syncing the timeline restlessly right the moment after I got the English subtitle. So that people can get the accurate Chinese subtitle, with the proper Chinese idiom to deliver the essence of the original script, within just one or two sleepless nights of mine. Those nights I was driven as if I was whipped, but the joys of release were worth all the effort.

Unexpected stories happened since then. Click here to find out.

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