The custom designed & developed Control Panel for users and admins to customize
every aspect of the Private Broadcasting Service, EyeChannel TV,
including content, saturation, advertisement, in-house advertisement & messages.

Purchase & Deployment

Asset Categorization

Asset Sharing

Customize Branding

Reporting & Analytics

Search & Filter


• Use Tags/Search to organize 600+ videos from different sources in a simple & clear way, help users easily identify and locate any content.
• Customize TV screens anywhere, anytime.
• Customize also store info, announcement, weather, etc.
• Track usage and generate reports for users & advertisers.
• Online ticketing system to report issues.
• With the minimum development, successfully upgraded the core licensing system to support hierarchical license management and customizable content.

My Roles

Market research
Prioritize features based on our budget and usability.
UI/UX Design
Design workflow to reduce workload for customer support
Recruit & supervise outsource experts
Manage development progress and debug
Create documentation, provide training
Data mining & visualization
Contingency plan & crisis management