When Flash was dying, iPad was rising, we had to quickly convert all our best-selling products and content with very tight deadline, in order for our products to continue running on our biggest client's network, 4000+ iPads.


According to everyone, it's ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to run Flash on iPads. And HTML5's authoring solutions didn't exist at that time. So, after tons of research, I decided to use Adobe Air, which was the closest thing from Adobe Flash, as the foundation of our iPad app.

Turned out, I converted a Mission Impossible into Mission Doable. At the end, with lots of effort, we not only spent just a fraction of the budget, we also caught the deadline and made our biggest client happy again.

My Roles

Market research
Prioritize features based on our budget and usability.
UI/UX Design
Design infrastructure,
Recruit & supervise outsource teams around the world
Manage development progress and debug
Create documentation, provide training
Data mining & visualization
Contingency plan & crisis management


Optimized Content Downloading
Advanced Caching System


Adobe Air,
Starling Framework,
Adobe Animate CC,