A Major Update to the Leading Patient Education Solution
in the US Eye Care Industry

This is the next version of the most popular Patient Education software that replaced our last generation Flash-based software (also renovated by me from a legacy product) and the iPad app version (designed and developed by me, per client's request) which dominated the US Eye Care industry for the last 5 years. It educates patients in 20 seconds or less, about their conditions, treatments options according to the diagnosis, and upsell products and procedures, all using interactive simulations and videos tailored for the patients. The soothing interface and content give the patients all the information they need, without disturbing them.

Most of the practices see a significant growth once implemented the web applications. Some stores even saw 4 times increase simply because it takes doctors much less time to explain to patients so that they can see more patients.

The API I designed received many praises for being easily and securely integrated into any existing EMR/EHR (Electronic Medical/Health Record) platforms, to call the corresponding content based on diagnosis, using the least amount of patient's private personal data, thanks to the HIPAA* compliance at its core.

1, Adapt existing content for different resolutions of devices, for the maximum cross-platform compatibility.
2, Design templates & workflow to convert/recreate existing Flash animations into HTML5.
3, Bring consistent functionalities across different legacy products.
4, Integrate it with the outdated and limited licensing system, to realize the customization, messaging, favorite and other advanced functions using the least development, without causing any service interruption.

*HIPAA: the standard for sensitive patient data protection according to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA).

My Roles

Market research
Prioritize features based on our budget and usability.
UI/UX Design
Design infrastructure, database schemes, API
Recruit & supervise outsource teams around the world
Manage development progress and debug
Create documentation, provide trainings
Data mining & visualization
Contingency plan & crisis management







  • Smoothly run on any platform, including PC, Mac, Linux, iPad/Android/Windows tablets.
  • Deeply integrated into most mainstream EMR/EHR software.
  • No need to install or update any software or apps. IT guys will LOVE it!
  • No more risky Flash with constant plugin updates.
  • Content downloading has been optimized to the limit, to reduce the loading time.
  • Supports current/future technology (H.264/H.265 etc,). All future updates will be smooth and painless, without forcing customers to update their hardware or software.

  • No need to install or update the app.
  • Run within any browsers.
  • New content coming to your EMR/EHR automatically.
  • No need to buy expensive servers and hire IT experts to manage, or to worry about hardware failure or virus or cyber attack.
  • The encrypted cache system makes it a breeze to download the content and play again and again.
  • Flexible and accurate license management and user activity statistics.
  • Hosted on the most robust Amazon EC2 and CDN, protected by CloudFlare, against any virus, malware, DDOS.

  • The colorful and soothing interface gives patients a relaxed journey.
  • Only show you what you care the most, using ICD9/10/11.
  • Customize your interface to perfectly match your favorite style.
  • Upgraded search and favorite functions for the maximum efficiency.
  • Upload your favorite YouTube videos
  • Create your own playlists and share with patients through Email or social media.
  • Convenient paper handouts ready to print or email any time.