A responsive, cross-platform video library,Fits into almost any website layout, any browsers, any devices,Brings 470+ educational & entertaining videosto 3010+ doctor's websites around North America.


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• Use color code and Tags/Search to organize 470+ videos in a simple & clear way, help users easily identify and locate any content.
• The interface fits into any website, in any resolutions, color schemes, on any mainstream web browsers, any devices.
• Future-prove. Even if the number of videos is doubled in the future, the user experience will not be affected.
• With the minimum development, successfully upgraded the core licensing system to support hierarchical license management and customizable content.
• Track usage and generate reports for advertisers.

My Roles

Market research
Prioritize features based on our budget and usability.
UI/UX Design for touch screens
Design workflow to reuse existing assets as much as possible
Recruit & supervise outsource experts
Manage development progress and debug
Create documentation, provide training
Data mining & visualization
Contingency plan & crisis management



The vivid colors not only spice up the first impression, they also imply the color codes across the whole library.


Once enter each category, the category completely disappears, leaving the maximum space to show all the content. Perfect for low-res websites.


Quickly locate any content by searching tags. Results are color coded for easy identification.